How we use your rent and service charge

Your rent goes towards a variety of things including repairs and maintenance on your home, administration costs and paying interest on our loans.

The graph below shows what your rent is used for.

What we use your rent money on

Maintaining homes

We’re committed to making sure that your home is well maintained and in a good state of repair and some of your rent goes towards this. We do this through our planned maintenance programme which covers the replacements or renewal of different parts of your home when they reach the end of their serviceable life, as well as through our repairs services.

We also ensure you’re safe in your home. Every year, we’ll inspect all the homes we rent out to check and service the heating appliances, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.


resident satisfaction with overall repairs, against a target of 85%


repairs completed within target time. We aim to achieve 95%


of homes had a valid gas safety certificate, against a target of 100%